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  • "Just love my little Leah, a pup from Mexico. Best decision I made and most supportive group of people. Many thanks SAVE ME RESCUE!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "What a wonderful program for amazing animals that just want to be loved. Thanks so much for saving our baby girl, Saffron. In just a few short days she's become an official family member and has brought us great happiness. We are in love with her and are so excited about the years to come!"

  • "I rescued Walden almost 6 months ago and couldn't be happier! He is so lovable and has a great personality! What a wonderful organization!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "I also applied to two other rescues (and didn't even get a reply from one of them) before I found Save Me on a link. Then I found Betty and Veronica and Roz and Sandra! Wonderful dogs, amazing women! My family is now complete thanks to Save Me. I picked up my funny little girl Ronni Saturday night and reunited her with her mill sister, Betty. I've changed their names slightly to Bonnie and Becks and they're ok with it smile emoticon We have some minor housebreaking hurdles to overcome yet but other than that, they're both a joy to have in the house. What one lacks, the other makes up for and I feel that given a few more weeks, they'll both become the confident little girls they can be. When I read their bios, there was just no question that I would ask for both of them, I thought it very important that they be together. They're learning how to be family members very quickly and they're both lovely cuddle puppies, with me and with each other. I'll give updates on the girls on my FB page so Roz can share them. Meantime, this is the BEST Christmas ever! Joy and happiness to all of you"

  • "We attended a Save Me Rescue fundraiser at Pet Value and fell in love with Vader. The adoption process was thorough but appreciated and within about 2 weeks, we welcomed him into our family! Thank you Save a Me Rescue and foster families for all you do to help animals in need."

  • "Such a wonderful organization. These animals are fortunate indeed."

  • "I am so happy to have found Save Me Rescue. After applying to many other places and waiting forever to hear back that the dog already has multiple applications, I came across Save Me Rescue. I applied to a dog that sounded like she would be a good fit for my family, this was on a Saturday. By Monday I had heard back from the foster mom to set up a phone interview. That was set up for Tuesday and she had already called my vet for a reference when we talked. Then the house visit was set up for Wednesday evening. By Thursday mid morning I received the news that my application was accepted and I was able to set up a time to get the dog! Everyone at the foundation was so wonderful to talk to and so helpful. They are truly amazing and so determined to find the right fit and house for their amazing dogs. I couldn’t be happier with Peach (previously Peachy). She has fit perfectly into our lives and made herself right at home the minute we brought her home. Thank you for all you do and making people’s lives a little brighter with your amazing work."

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Our new love Holly is the perfect addition to our family. Working with Save Me was a pleasure. Maureen was the most caring foster Mom I've met."

  • "I have volunteered with a few rescues over the years. Save Me is wonderful to work with. Their adoption process is thorough but moves fluidly. They return your emails and answer questions in a timely manner. My experience adopting from them and fostering for them have both been excellent."

  • "Adopted Emmie less then a week ago. Save Me Rescue was Amazing to work with and took extra care to ensure their pup was taken care of and going to a good home. They do GREAT work!!"

  • " We just adopted our dog Franklin through Save Me. The whole process was fabulous. The foster family was very honest and responsive, and were very sweet and kind. Everything was transparent, and Save Me went out of their way to make sure we were going to start off right with our new dog. I'd highly recommend finding your new family member through Save Me."

  • "We (my husband and I) adopted Lacey a few months ago. I first met Lacey, a shy and timid girl through her foster mom Roz. She was so skittish and curled up with fear, but by the end of my visit she was letting me pay her and rub her belly and I was in love. We couldn't be happier or more proud of how far she has come! She is truly coming into her own and is quite the clown. We love just love her to bits! We are so thankful for all the wonderful work you do. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. Lacey, Anne Marie and Patrick"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "My family and I have adopted a beautiful little angel from Save Me Rescue. This little one stole my heart the minute I saw him. I was somewhat reluctant because they requested older children in the home and my grandchildren who also live with us are 7 and 10, they have always been around small dogs all their lives and are respectful and know how to act around them, so, after looking and this little love every day for about two weeks I decided to write to his foster Evelyn, told her my situation and ask her opinion if I should proceed with the application. Needless to say I proceeded. The process was wonderful and thorough which I was hoping for because it meant to me that they really cared who was going to be caring for their rescues. So a big thank you to Lisa, Kathleen, Grace and Roz for all they do for these lonely animals and especially Evelyn who took such special care and nursed and loved Franklin to be the best he could be in order for me to find and adopt him."

  • "We've had the pleasure of having Dakota in our family for almost a month. He is an amazing, gentle, fun loving boy! Save me was great to work with. They care about the dogs they rescue an ensure they go to good homes. I would highly recommend them for the next addition to your family ❤"

  • "I am so proud to be a part of this wonderful organization. This is the most caring, passsionate, organized and supportive group you could ever ask for. If you are considering volunteering with us, please don't hesitate another minute. If you're considering adopting a new family member, you have found the perfect organization to help you find your perfect match! <3"

  • "I've been fostering with Save Me Rescue for over a year. What an amazing group of people! When I wondered about pulling a 12 year old dog to foster, the answer was "Yes, of course!" It really showed me where their heart was - rescuing dogs whether they were good candidates for adoption or not. It's been a very rewarding experience having all ages, sizes and breeds of dogs come through our home. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a dog go to a great forever home."

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Love Save Me Rescue. Thorough adoption process and excellent communication throughout. Supportive post adoption too."

  • "Indie (previously India) became a part of our family just over two months ago. She has brought us endless love, affection and laughter. Watching her get more comfortable and come out of her shell has been a joy. She gets more confident and goofy every day. Working with her foster mom Roz was an amazing experience. After our first phone call, Roz knew Indie was for us before we even met her. Roz has great instincts. I still text with her a few times a week. Words cannot explain how much I appreciate that she saw the goodness in Indie enough to save her life and pull her from the pound in Ohio with only hours left to live. Thank you Roz. I worked with a few rescues in order to find the right doggie for our family and by far Save Me was the best. They really know what they are doing. "

  • "I am new to the foster world. I am so thrilled to be part of a well organized, supportive team. My daughter was a foster failure but she has a wonderful new companion who's laid back personality makes it easy for our foster dogs. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this world. Dogs don't understand borders and every one deserves a great home."

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "I applied to Save Me and within a week and a half, I'd been approved and had Hazel home! I couldn't be happier with the adoption process and the rescue for working so fast to get Hazel home. Just 24 hrs in and Hazel is already settled in. She loves cuddling up with me, getting tummy rubs, and burrowing under the blankets. Simply put, she is perfect. I'd recommend Save Me in a heartbeat to my friends and family. They do wonderful work!"

  • "We are so very lucky to have stumbled across this organization! Jax entered our family yesterday and he is already a Fernandes! Snuggling into the covers with all the fmily members (although he seems to love my husband the most as he has slept by his side all night!) His little spirit has brought so much joy already and our other fur baby, Chewie, has welcomed him with open paws. I want to thank Save Me Rescue and all the members who help these beautiful animals find their forever home. The process was smooth and I really appreciate the care they take to ensure these fur angels are placed in loving homes! Today, Jax will be meeting our vet and going on a shopping spree. (Chewie will tag along for moral support!) Thank you again for all that you do!!!!!

  • "I just became a foster for Save Me.. and it was so easy! I felt supported the entire time - from the time I chose my foster dog, and then looking at potential families for "my" girl! Thank you to the Save Me volunteers for supporting this newbie every step of the way! Looking forward to meeting my next few fosters!"

  • "Love Save Me Rescue. Thorough adoption process and excellent communication throughout. Supportive post adoption too!"

  • "Phenomenal group of people to work with. They are clearly passionate about the dogs they place & the long term wellbeing of both the dogs & their potential adopters. I'm so thankful they chose me for my Sophia & am truly thankful for all the support & friendship since. You can't ask for a better rescue to work with."

  • "An amazing rescue group - the well-being of the dogs is at the forefront of every decision! Not only have I adopted from Save Me, but it was such a fabulous experience that I also volunteer with them now."

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "We adopted our beautiful girl Daisy from Save Me Rescue and we couldn't be more happy! When she first arrived, she was anxious and sad, but within a week she realized that she was in her forever home and has settled in perfectly! <3 She has so much energy and is showing us lots of love with kisses and tail wags. Thank you so much for helping us find the missing puzzle piece of our family."

  • "We love to work with them for our Adoption Days at Global Pet Foods at 2901 Eglinton Avenue West in Mississauga. They truly care about each rescues well being."

  • "Save Me Rescue, thank you for everything you do."

  • "After applying to 2 other rescues, I was told about Save Me. I checked their website, and within 6 days had gone from seeing a dog on a website, to having Knight in my home. You are truly interested in getting a family and a dog matched. You are very meticulous in your selection process, and make sure it is a good match. Thank you for allowing me to add Knight to my family. He is perfect in every way, and you made his adoption so easy. No one could be more interested in getting a dog a home. "

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Such an amazing caring wonderful group!!! They help so many dogs and some kitties too. Proud to have been working with them for several years!! Amazing AAAAAAAA ++++++++"

  • "In love with the amazing dog we adopted through Save Me Rescue. Everyone was incredibly helpful and supportive to make the perfect match."

  • "Amazing group with wonderful people and pets. Bianca found us our perfect dog and we couldn't be happier :)"

  • "Save Me Rescue changed my life. They introduced me to the newest love of my life and I can't imagine life without him. They are an incredible hardworking organization that I hope to one day be able to volunteer for. If you are looking for a new furry companion, this is the rescue to go through!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "When I decided to become a foster parent I looked into a number of rescues before applying to Save Me Rescue. I am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing group of dedicated volunteers where it is all about saving dogs in need."

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "I foster for Save Me. What I love about this organization is that they believe in my judgement regarding the needs of my foster dog(s). IF I don't believe the home is a good fit, we don't move forward; if I feel the dog needs veterinary attention, I get an immediate go-ahead; if I need a trainer for behavioural issues, they're happy to provide. The people are great and so supportive and caring."

  • "Save Me Rescue truly cares about the dogs and the families they are joining. They are so kind and patient and really help you decipher if you and the dog you are adopting are the right match."

  • "Love the work this rescue does. I now have a rescue from Kentucky and from Cozumel Mexico. Best dogs I could have asked for. Thank you!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Save Me Rescue is an amazing rescue. They rescued our Kenya and Blue and we can't imagine our lives without them. They keep in touch even after they find dogs loving homes to offer support and help when needed. The volunteers are exceptional and dedicated to saving lives and finding the best homes for their rescues."

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Amazing organization that should be more recognized and have more funding!!!! We love our dog Violet!!!"

  • "Save Me Rescue is wonderful!! They are dedicated first and most importantly to the animals they help to find them homes where they will be safe and loved. During our journey of adoption while waiting for our perfect match they were so encouraging and kind. Our little Rosie is such a blessing to us love her more than words can say. Big thank you to everyone at Save Me Rescue!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "I'm disappointed there are only 5 stars available -- I wish I could give SAVE ME 100+++. Not only did they find us the PERFECT dog, they did so with such diligence, compassion, concern and thoughtfulness - for both the dog and our family. With four young children and an elderly dog, we have many factors to consider when adopting. SAVE ME was amazing and made sure our wonderful Kilby was the right fit for our family. From initial contact to final communication, I can't speak highly enough of their team and all the leg work they did to make sure Kilby was perfect for our busy lifestyle. Kilby has been with us for a year now and we can't imagine life without her. I am now a supporter of SAVE ME rescue on FB, donate as I can and quite possibly will adopt again. To my mind, there is no other rescue like this one. If you are looking for a wonderful companion, look no further than SAVE ME. I didn't know of SAVE ME before Kilby, but they are now part of our lives long term!"

  • "Save Me Rescue matches lonely souls, whether they have four legs or two."

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "After our dog Ben passed away on Remembrance Day, we realized our home felt empty. We started looking on different websites and came across Phantom on Kijiji. This is how we were introduced to Save Me Rescue. Everyone, from his foster mom Courtney, to the rescue co-ordinator Julie to Victoria who visited our home was friendly and professional. It is evident that everyone we encountered had the best interest of the dogs first and foremost in their mind. Thankfully we were a perfect match for Phantom and he is for us as well! Although extremely thorough, the adoption process was extremely efficient. We can't thank Courtney and Save Me Rescue enough for introducing us to our newest family member! Save Me Rescue is AWESOME!"

  • "The best people who provide all the services animals need to be rescued, vetted, fostered and finally adopted into perfect forever homes."

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "Five Stars!"

  • "We were referred to Save ME by a family friend who adopted a dog from them - best decision we ever made. The people at Save Me are SO fantastic, caring, and you can tell how much they love animals. All the volunteers at Save Me made our adoption process so easy and we're telling everyone we know about them! THANK YOU SAVE ME RESCUE!"

  • Joy 8 weeks

    "Save Me Rescue was referred to us. A pleasure to deal with. Happily we will have one of Star's puppies."